My brother Mehboob (which means "beloved" in Urdu) was born on May 16th, 1950 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Mehboob left Pakistan for Canada in 1972, where he adopted the name "Bob". In Canada, after various jobs, Bob started his own accounting business called "One Stop Accounting". In 1983 he moved to United States, where again he started an accounting business with the same name, "One Stop Accounting", in Southern California.

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 With nephew Amen mehboob_amen.jpg (50290 bytes)

mehboob_ritta.jpg (33294 bytes) Bob met Ritta in Canada. After being together for 9 years, they moved together to USA and got married. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce, but they are best of friends.


This photo was taken at my cousin Rosy's wedding mehboob_nash.jpg (79223 bytes)

In Dallas, with my cousin Nabat and Bob nash_nabat_mehboob.jpg (53732 bytes)

On one of his trips to Pakistan from the states dad_mehboob2.jpg (36917 bytes) mehboob_mummy_02.jpg (50325 bytes) mehboob_rafiq_family.jpg (57669 bytes) mom_mehboob_mitha.jpg (65255 bytes)

My uncle, Faizullah Hooda, suffered a stroke in 2001. Bob went to visit him in the hospital in Dallas. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away soon after mehboob_faizullah_uncle.jpg (45433 bytes)

With aunts and cousins in Dallas  mehboob_aunts_cousins.jpg (62571 bytes)