Colleges in America have football championship games called "bowl" games (the professional football teams have the Superbowl).  These bowl games are held all over the country, most of them taking place on January 1st. I have spent new year's day watching college football games, but had never been to one. One of the bowl games, the Citrus Bowl, takes place in Orlando, Florida. When I found out tickets were available, I jumped at the opportunity. This year, the game was between Pennsylvania State and Auburn University.  Auburn, even though it was the under-dog, ended up winning.  Even though the official name for the bowl game is now Capital One Bowl, due to the sponsor, it is still widely known as the Citrus Bowl.

Before the game started, a radio station setup a goal post in the grounds outside the stadium, for people to try kicking a football into it. This is me just as I finished my attempt.
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