Mom and I went to Daytona to go on a casino boat. It's a boat that goes out into the Atlantic Ocean, about 3 miles, so that they can open up a casino on it. This is because casino gambling is not allowed in Florida. No cameras are allowed on the boat so I have no photos from there.  This week-end was also "Bike Week". That is when thousands of motorcyclists descend on Daytona. Besides some racing, it is a week of showing off and seeing motorcycles and people who ride them. We saw a lot of motorcycles. Unfortunately, there was no place to park to take photos of them as they drove up and down the main street. The only photo I have is from the parking lot of a restaurant next to where we boarded the casino boat.daytona_04.jpg (39940 bytes)

Some photos from the beach in Daytona

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