While I studied in Moscow, I had several friends from Finland. I stayed in touch with two of them - Ulla and Kyosti.  Kyosti was also my room-mate for a while in college. Kyosti married his Russian girl-friend Irina.

Ulla visited United States in 1986. I could not take time off from work to show Ulla around Dallas as I would have liked to, but that didn't stop her. She got the bus schedule and was off on her own.  I did take Ulla to Las Vegas.

When I went to Finland, I had not seen Kyosti and Irina in over 20 years and Ulla in about 15 years.


At Ulla's apartment, having breakfast and with her dog Mona and at Ulla's mom's for Christmas dinner

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Around Helsinki

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fnlnd034.jpg (108336 bytes)In the train, on the way to Lahti, to meet Kyosti and his family.


Kyosti and his family and my trying, unsuccessfuly, to skate-board 
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Around Lahti

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