Since I acquired a good quality digital camera (a Sony DSC-F707, for those who want to know), I have been wanting to share photos that required a high resolution to view the fine details. For those of you accessing this website via a slow-speed, dial-up connection (28.8 K or 56 K modem) it may take very long to  download and view a picture when you click on the thumbnail.

Florida has some beautiful sunsets. This is one of them.
florida_sunset.jpg (489083 bytes)

Another Florida sunset. A father fishing with his son and daughter
sunset_fishermen.jpg (433196 bytes)

Me on a camel in Lahore, Pakistan (February, 2003)
Pakistan_Camel_rider.jpg (620144 bytes)

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. Taken with a long exposure around midnight
Pakistam_Badshahi_Mosque.jpg (767372 bytes)

A decorated front bumper of a Pakistani truck showing exquisite detail and workmanship
Pakistani_Truck.jpg (590136 bytes)