I like all kinds of music. And I mean ALL kinds. While I travel to different countries, I like to collect music that represents that country. Something that will remind me of that country when I listen to it after I get back.

My interest in music came very early when listening to old Indian songs.

I cannot play any instrument worth a darn, but I got interested in audio equipment when I got my first reel-to-reel tape recorder back in 1968. I used to play tricks on my family members with the tape recorder hidden, while I spoke through its speaker using a microphone from the next room. 

When I went to Russia, I took a tape recorder and quite a collection of music with me. There, I got interested in various types of Russian music and would go to concerts every chance I got.  I never cared for opera music.

While in Russia, I also started DJ'ing for the college dances. When I came to United States, I started a DJ'ing business called "Bash with Nash" and ran it for about 6 years, doing weddings and apartment pool parties and such.


I like to document my travels with videos.

I use a small Sony digital camcorder, which is perfect for traveling. It is very compact, but takes awesome quality videos.

My first video camcorder was a Canon 8mm that I bought in 1991 so as to record my uncle, Farooq Jaffer, who was dying. I visited him in Tucson, Arizona and made a tape of him narrating photo-albums while I taped the pictures. It's a very dear tape for me as he died the following year. 

My next camcorder was a Canon A1, a Hi-8 model. A wonderful camcorder. I used it a lot, but it was bulky for traveling. In 1997, I bought the Sony PCR-7. It's a digital camcorder, the size of a passport. It is just perfect for traveling and I did not have to sacrifice quality for size. The best thing about digital video tapes is that the quality does not deteriorate no matter how much you play it. One day I plan to get the equipment to hook it up to my computer and be able to edit the video, adding titles and effects.

In October 1998, just before going to Sydney, Australia on a work assignment, I bought another Sony Digital camcorder, the TRV-900. It's a 3-CCD camcorder and takes awesome video even in low light.


By now it should be obvious that my biggest passion is traveling. And I like all kinds of traveling, whether by plane, car, bus or boat ...or on foot.

Until 1995, I was primarily interested in traveling to places of interest (tourist attractions), but now I also like to go camping and taking long road trips just to see the United States countryside.

On my road trips, I used to take my dog, Brownie. She traveled over 10,000 miles with me. Now Brownie has a new family. I didn't want her to keep having to adjust to different people and going through the trauma of me leaving her all the time because of my work assignments overseas and all over United States.


I love playing volleyball every chance I get.  Growing up in Pakistan, I played a lot of cricket and football (soccer).

I took a keen interest in American Football when I moved to Dallas. Even though I have now moved away from Dallas, I am still a big Dallas Cowboys fan.


Even though I deal with computers and software all day in my professional life, I still enjoy it after work.

I have built a couple of computers myself. I bought the case, the mother-board, CPU, hard drive etc and put it all together and installed the operating system and other software. I have also added components to my computer or to friends' computers. Components like a CD-writer, a DVD player etc.

One of my interests in computers is graphic software. I like trying out various software for working with photographs and graphics.

Another use for my computer is to chat (talk) with people around the world. Many of them are old friends, but I also meet and make new friends.

Lately I have been studying how to design better websites and trying out different things on this website.