I was in Karachi for only 5 days as I wanted to get to Lahore where I was going to be checked out for chest pains that I had been having. I visited with my mom and aunt in Karachi. My aunt from Dallas and my uncle and aunt from Sri Lanka had also come to Pakistan at the time so I was able to see all of them
Mom, Chotu uncle (Sri Lanka), Nuru aunty (Dallas), Shirin aunty (Karachi)
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Chotu uncle, mom, Shirley aunty (Sri Lanka), Nuru aunty, Shirin aunty and I
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A craftsman applying paint to his creation
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At the restaurant with relatives
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At dinner
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Still at dinner
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A view of Karachi from cousin Anar's balcony
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Old, signed photo: My grandparents and Shirin aunty with His Highness Aga Khan and wife Umme Habiba (Rita Hayworth)
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Old photo: Grandparents and Shirin Aunty with Prince Aly Khan
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Old photo: Grandparents with His Higness Aga Khan. Mom, Shirin aunty and Nuru aunty are in front. My uncle Chotu is in grandma's lap
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Sunrise view
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Trashed beach at sunrise
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Early morning beach
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Only the buffaloes are out this early
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More sunrise
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A store at a mall
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Another store at the mall
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Mom looking radiant
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Another old photo: All the brothers and sisters - Shirin aunty, Bada mamu (uncle, deceased), Nuru aunty, mom and Chotu mamu (uncle)
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Trip to Makli Hill