Strange as it may seem Leeds Castle is not in Leeds - the well known City in West Yorkshire - instead you will find it in Kent about six miles, East Southeast of Maidstone. 

Leeds Castle is built on two islands in a lake, formed by the River Len. It is certainly a beautiful building, well worth seeing. It was built in the twelfth century as an impregnable stronghold and became known as "Lady's Castle" because of those who occupied it. Its royal residents include Eleanor and Margaret, wives of Edward I, Philippa of Hainhault, wife of Edward III, Catherine de Valois, Henry V's wife, Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I, who was imprisoned here, for a time, before her coronation. 

The gatehouse with its barbican and drawbridge are the most fortress like features of the castle. The rest, looks like what it was chiefly used for, a residence. A tour of the castle will give a whole new perspective on what life in a royal castle might have been like. 

I don't why, but there is a Dog Collar Museum right outside the castle.  And they would not let video tape inside that museum!

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