Badshahi Masjid, or the Imperial mosque of Aurangzeb, built in 1674, represents the very best of Mughal architecture. It is a huge, walled square with minarets at each comer and a monumental gate at the top of a broad flight of steps.The courtyard is paved with red sandstone. A square  marble fountain stands in the center of the courtyard, while an arcade of white arches lines its perimeter on three sides. The fourth side, opposite the gate, is the prayer chamber, which is crowned by three elegant marble domes. The ceilings inside the prayer chamber are decorated with carved plaster-work and floral frescos in subdued colours.
lhr_2036.jpg (87490 bytes) lhr_2038.jpg (121218 bytes) lhr_2039.jpg (76191 bytes) Ruma at Badshahi Masjid
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lhr_2041.jpg (62571 bytes) lhr_2042.jpg (65295 bytes) lhr_2043.jpg (82615 bytes) lhr_2045.jpg (86106 bytes) Beautiful artwork on the walls, shown in detail below
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lhr_2046.jpg (64428 bytes) lhr_2044.jpg (147064 bytes) Back of the mosque
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A view of the Yaadgar-e-Pakistan  from the Badshahi Mosque
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Washing-up facilities for "wazoo" before prayer
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Detail of artwork on walls
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Detail of artwork on walls
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Detail of artwork on walls
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Entrance gate to the mosque
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A Sikh shrine that is adjacent to the Badshahi Masjid
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Badshahi Masjid at night, lit up for the spring festival of Basant
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View of Badshahi Masjid from the rooftop of Cooco's Cafe
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lhr_2068.jpg (37245 bytes) This photo is my pride and joy. I took it during dinner with my friend Shahid at Cooco's Cafe
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