Bagh-e-Jinnah, formerly known as Lawrence Gardens, includes a magnificent library and one of the finest cricket grounds.
Razia getting something to munch on while walking in the park
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The Jinnah Library
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On a hill within the park
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Ruma, Rafiq & Razia
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Myself, Ruma & Razia
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Many trees in the park have information posted about them
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A bird reading the tree description?
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lhr_1032.jpg (72279 bytes) lhr_1034.jpg (71559 bytes) A couple of afghan kids earning money shining shoes in the park
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lhr_1037.jpg (66118 bytes) Myslf, Ruma and Rafiq
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lhr_1029.jpg (49401 bytes) lhr_1044.jpg (60855 bytes) Razia and Rafiq fooling around
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Juice vendor near the Park
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