In Islam sacrifice, commonly known as Qurbani, means slaughter of a permissible animal in the name of Allah on the 10th, 11th or 12th of the Islamic month of Zil Hijjah. It is an essential religious rite in memory of the sacrifice performed by Prophet Abraham.

Generally, slaughter of goats, sheep, rams, cows, and camels is offered. One third of the meat must be given to the poor in charity, while the rest can be distributed among friends, family and neighbors.

A couple of weeks leading upto Eid-ul-Azha you start seeing goats and sheep showing up, grazing in the parks and open fields. As the days get closer, you start seeing goat and sheep markets forming. The day before eid is when most people buy their slaughter animal, because no one wants to have the animal in the house any longer than they need to. It is eerie to listen to all the goats and sheep baying and bleeting through the night around the neighborhood the night before eid. It's as if they are crying because it's their last night before slaughter.

The goat market
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lhr_2098.jpg (93914 bytes) lhr_2099.jpg (78554 bytes) What an elegant pose
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A buyer has loaded his goat  into a motor-rickshaw. Now where will he sit?
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A very pretty girl selling goats
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You have to see that smile close-up
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