As I did in the "Leningrad" section, I have to apologize for the quality of most of these photos. Most of these photos were taken, developed and printed by me or one of my friends.  Many of my photographs got water-damaged over the years in storage.

History of Moscow

After a year in Leningrad, sttitle.jpgudying Russian language and studying basic Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in Russian, we arrived in Moscow to study Metallurgical Engineering at Moskovksii Institut Stali i Splavov - MISIS (Moscow's Institute Of Steel and Alloys).

After the initial group of 15 boys, Pakistan Steel Mills sent another batch of about 45 boys. They were divided among Leningrad, Moscow, Zhdanov and Donetsk. Since I was in Moscow, practically all the photos only include the Pakistani students who were in Moscow.

The college used to organize dances at the dorm. They used to occasionally have live bands. One night, the band didn't show up. The people organizing the dance were in a bind.  Knowing I had a good collection of music, asked me if I would play my tapes and records using their PA system. I agreed. That started many years of my DJ'ing for the college dances. Later on, I added what was called a "Pop Culture Club".  The Russian students, and the people in general, were like a dry sponge when it came to information from the west. One a month, I would pick a popular band to do a "report" on. I had magazines from London that had articles and pictures about current bands. I would translate the articles into Russian. A friend of mine would photograph the pictures and convert them into slides. Then, while I played that band's songs, I'd read the translated articles while my friend would display the slides.  I also made my own posters announcing the dance, using photos and such, cut out from magazines, and my own art work. These posters became collectibles. I had to make a plea that the posters not be stolen until the end of the dance.

I apologize if there are many photos of one event, but unfortunately that's what was left to work with. I lost many photographs and their negatives over the years, otherwise I would have loved to give a more varied picture of life in USSR.

This is the college (MISIS) where I studied MISIS.JPG (115204 bytes)

First day at college. We were assigned our groups and here are a couple of photos with classmates and teachers. MISIS_1st_day.JPG (30837 bytes) MISIS_1st_day_02.JPG (42531 bytes)

Photos of Pakistani students around the dorm.

fida_imran.JPG (22724 bytes) cooking_in_dorm.JPG (36783 bytes) mahmood.JPG (67235 bytes) cooking_in_dorm_02.JPG (31905 bytes) mulla.JPG (42179 bytes) imran.JPG (65343 bytes) kaiser_shahjehan_naseem_01.JPG (23009 bytes) kaiser_qurban.JPG (23712 bytes) mannan_bulgarian.JPG (24177 bytes) naseem.JPG (82612 bytes) pirzada.JPG (33817 bytes) qurban.JPG (56794 bytes) kaiser_naseem_01.JPG (24581 bytes) pirzada_02.JPG (34393 bytes) siraj_qurban_shahjehan.JPG (37850 bytes) shahjehan.JPG (112088 bytes) with_imran.JPG (38551 bytes) with_friends_in_dorm_01.JPG (30396 bytes) studying.JPG (113586 bytes)

Scenes from the dance I used to DJ

at_dance.JPG (57153 bytes) mannan_at_dance.jpg (62171 bytes) shahjehan_at_dance_02.JPG (39352 bytes) shahjehan_at_dance.JPG (48014 bytes) pakistani_friends_at_dance.JPG (27444 bytes)

A friend's birthday party

bday_party_01.JPG (36956 bytes) bday_party_03.JPG (32461 bytes) bday_party_04.JPG (35526 bytes) bday_party_06.JPG (55348 bytes) bday_party_05.JPG (33634 bytes) bday_party_02.JPG (32862 bytes) bday_party_09.JPG (33254 bytes) bday_party_07.JPG (43405 bytes) bday_party_08.JPG (23730 bytes) bday_party_10.JPG (23615 bytes) bday_party_11.JPG (35688 bytes)  

and at the end of the birthday party: asleep.JPG (70060 bytes)

From college we went for practicals to a steel mill. These are scenes showing us leaving on the train, at the steel mill, around the fields and town where the steel mill was located.

off_to_steel_mill.JPG (29367 bytes) off_to_steel_mill_02.JPG (23945 bytes) at_the_steel_mill.JPG (45513 bytes) friends_at_practicals_02.JPG (33789 bytes) friends_at_practicals_03.JPG (37728 bytes) friends_at_practicals_09.JPG (40675 bytes) friends_at_practicals_01.JPG (36820 bytes) friends_at_practicals_04.JPG (28603 bytes) friends_at_practicals_08.JPG (49164 bytes) during_practicals_01.JPG (48462 bytes) friends_at_practicals_07.JPG (42209 bytes) with_friends_at_practicals_03.JPG (23493 bytes) with_friends_at_practicals_02.JPG (34458 bytes) with_friends_at_practicals_01.JPG (35437 bytes)

These following two photos are a humorous set. It was very funny to see two of my buddies try to lift a third one, who was quite heavy and muscular. Then the guy they were trying to lift, turns around and lifts them both up....easily.

friends_at_practicals_05.JPG (35375 bytes) friends_at_practicals_06.JPG (26413 bytes)

On one of the week-ends, during the practicals at the steel mill, we went on a camping trip.

camping_01.JPG (32851 bytes) camping_02.JPG (50064 bytes) camping_03.JPG (30137 bytes)

I had many friends in Moscow and I attended quite a few weddings. Here are photos from some of them.


friends_wedding_01.JPG (21444 bytes) friends_wedding_02.JPG (23188 bytes) friends_wedding_03.JPG (18663 bytes) friends_wedding_04.JPG (26014 bytes) friends_wedding_05.JPG (31080 bytes) friends_wedding_06.JPG (26500 bytes) friends_wedding_07.JPG (50676 bytes) friends_wedding_08.JPG (43821 bytes) friends_wedding_09.JPG (42431 bytes) friends_wedding_10.JPG (25334 bytes) 

Just like in Leningrad, the Pakistani students put on various shows and exhibitions to display Pakistani culture.

pakistani_function_02.JPG (48998 bytes) performing_dom_druzhbi_01.JPG (26163 bytes) pakistani_function_01.JPG (34944 bytes) performing_dom_druzhbi_02.JPG (42339 bytes) performing_dom_druzhbi_04.JPG (30967 bytes) performing_dom_druzhbi_03.JPG (36107 bytes)

 When traveling in Europe I used an International card that I got from Sweden student_id_card.JPG (43729 bytes)

Reading a letter from home letter_from_home.JPG (24666 bytes)

Me and my electronics electronics.JPG (36393 bytes) in_dorm_room_01.JPG (31451 bytes)

Nash Jaffer the kossack?? jaffersky.JPG (55979 bytes)


Another party up in the dorm rooms dance_party.JPG (33568 bytes) friends_at_party_01.JPG (35532 bytes) friends_at_party_02.JPG (30995 bytes)

Moscow State University Moscow_State_Univ.JPG (23783 bytes)

I took this picture of two Russian kids hugging each other and I really liked how it turned out kids.JPG (133858 bytes)

A trip to Kiev, in Ukraine

russian_friends_37.JPG (40040 bytes) Ukraine_01.JPG (23094 bytes) Ukraine_02.JPG (37727 bytes) Ukraine_03.JPG (50350 bytes) Ukraine_04.JPG (24814 bytes)

A sampling of my many Russian friends

Valentina.jpg (43402 bytes) Irina.jpg (39350 bytes) Larissa_01.jpg (76368 bytes) Natasha_01.jpg (52625 bytes) Natasha_02.JPG (32619 bytes) outside_hostel.JPG (31377 bytes) russian_friends_01.JPG (12496 bytes) russian_friends_02.JPG (19381 bytes) russian_friends_03.JPG (29429 bytes) russian_friends_08.JPG (35868 bytes) russian_friends_04.JPG (35183 bytes) russian_friends_05.JPG (37548 bytes) russian_friends_06.JPG (30272 bytes) russian_friends_07.JPG (32659 bytes) russian_friends_09.JPG (46351 bytes) russian_friends_10.JPG (22636 bytes) russian_friends_11.JPG (39709 bytes) russian_friends_12.jpg (52067 bytes) russian_friends_13.jpg (50636 bytes) russian_friends_14.JPG (35262 bytes) russian_friends_15.JPG (40255 bytes) russian_friends_16.JPG (30620 bytes) russian_friends_17.jpg (40736 bytes) russian_friends_18.JPG (46965 bytes) russian_friends_19.JPG (33994 bytes) russian_friends_20.JPG (25650 bytes) russian_friends_21.JPG (28173 bytes) russian_friends_22.JPG (34291 bytes) russian_friends_23.JPG (39150 bytes) russian_friends_24.JPG (34341 bytes) russian_friends_25.JPG (34042 bytes) russian_friends_26.JPG (34177 bytes) russian_friends_27.JPG (49229 bytes) russian_friends_28.JPG (74968 bytes) russian_friends_29.JPG (45576 bytes) russian_friends_30.JPG (35331 bytes) russian_friends_31.JPG (41354 bytes) russian_friends_32.JPG (37181 bytes) russian_friends_33.JPG (39185 bytes) russian_friends_34.JPG (25861 bytes) russian_friends_35.JPG (39282 bytes) russian_friends_36.JPG (18308 bytes) russian_friends_38.JPG (54106 bytes)

A couple of beautiful Russian "Happy New Year" cards that I received

russian_post_card.JPG (81390 bytes) russian_post_card_02.JPG (72969 bytes)