In the above photo, from left are my brother Rafiq, Sohail Kauser, Haroon Mukhtar, Tariq Shafi and myself.

All of us studied for a while in Central Government Model School in Rawalpindi. I studied there in 1967-68 and passed my matriculation exam from there.

Sohail and Tariq were in my class. Haroon's younger brother Hanid was also in my class. One of the unique things about this school was that it was divided in four "houses" - Jinnah, Liaqat, Iqbal and Johar. Sports and other competitions happened among these houses. Each house contained about a quarter of the students from each class. You got to know your house well as they were your team-mates. This generated a vertical comradery among senior and junior students. Sohail, Haroon and I were in the Iqbal house.

I had lost touch with all my class-mates when I left to study in the Soviet Union in 1971.

Rafiq ran into Sohail and started keeping in touch. I looked up Hanid Mukhtar when I visited Pakistan in 1997. Then I lost touch with him again. So, when my brother told me that Sohail was in Lahore, I contacted him to get any info about Hanid. It turned out that Sohail knew quite a few people from our class and about there whereabouts. So Sohail arranged this dinner at the Lahore Gymkhana and got Haroon and Tariq to join us. Of course, most of my class-mates are still in Rawalpindi / Islamabad area.

It was great to see my old class-mates after over 30 years. All through dinner we talked about our school, class fellows and teachers.