We are on the road. It was a rainy day. It seems like the weather had brought Brownie down a bit.

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There is a town in the Northeast corner of Texas, just before getting into Arkansas, called Nash. Of course, I had to stop and take a picture of the sign.

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Arkansas is a beautiful state. Its slogan is "The Natural State", showing their pride in their many national parks.

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Back on the road again, heading to Tennessee. Crossing the bridge across the Mississippi river into Memphis. Due to the bad weather (it was raining constantly) I didn't stop in Memphis and continued on to Nashville.

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I camped out in a campground next to Opryland in Nashville. That night I saw a performance of some country western musicians.

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Scenes around downtown Nashville

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The Union Railway Station

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Interesting name for a diner

Well, I am on my way to Kentucky

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I don't know what this is, but it looked interesting

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Kentucky is famous for its Mammoth Caves

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Brownie is looking for a place to contribute to the cave irrigation system

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Mammoth Cave Park provides kennels for your pets while you go visit.

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Brownie was very happy to see me back from the caves

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I tried to avoid freeways and major highways so that I can see the farms and small rural towns

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The bridge to cross over from Kentucky into Aberdeen, Ohio