Heading back to Texas
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On my first day, I was in 9 states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia & Virginia

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You see some interesting sights on the road
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On to New York and New Jersey

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From Virginia, I entered the Shenandoah Park, which led into 495 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, going through North Carolina, that ended into the Smokey Mountain Park and into Tennessee..

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I passed through Pigeon Forge, TN, home of Dollywood
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Ruby Falls, in Tennessee, were named after the wife of the person who discovered them in the underground caves.
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I came across a beautiful sunset while driving through Alabama
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rt97_591.jpg (40167 bytes) Stopping on the way for a roadside meal. rt97_592.jpg (34829 bytes)
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At Vicksburg, Mississippi, I visited a Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Museum. It was the first Coca-Cola bottling plant.
I found the advertisements for Coca-Cola very interesting for their claims of curing headaches, keeping you fit etc.
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Finally...back in Texas..and Dallas..
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Home sweet home
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