From Dallas, Texas we drove straight east on freeway I-20 all the way to Savannah, Georgia. We passed through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia with just one stop at a KOA campsite. It rained all the way to Savannah.

From Savannah, we drove north along the east coast all the way to New York and then on to Boston.

Savannah at night. Crossing the bridge gets you into South Carolina
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Having breakfast at the KOA campsite cabin.
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Some beautiful scenes from the Carolinas
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Passing through Maryland I caught a parachutist just as the sun was setting.
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A brief stop to check out the location of the Battle of Gettysburg.
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On our way north towards Boston, we stopped for a couple of hours in Washington D.C. to check out the historic monuments, the Vietnam Memorial and the dogs wanted to check out the squirrels.
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We took a tour of Hershey World and got a sample of some delicious chocolate. Even the street lights in Hershey, PA are shaped like Hershey's kisses.
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Passing through the Amish country in Lancaster and Intercourse, PA.
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A stop in Atlantic City, NJ to lose a little money and to check out the boardwalk.
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Some scenes as we drove through New Jersey.
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We were lucky to come upon an aircraft carrier moored in New York City.
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Scenes around New York City
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I don't think the cat was glad to see Chessie
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